The Lokahi Space

"""LOKAHI: to sparkle, unearth treasures, and find harmony"

Lokahi Space is for educational purposes only. By continuing, you understand that this space will not substitute for mental health interventions or mental health treatment. If you are in a crisis, you should contact emergency services and seek consultation of a licensed mental health professional.


Highlighted Complimentary Offerings

Networks' Podcasts
20 for 20

"20 for 20" is a 20 episode podcast series designed in response to the upheaval of 2020 . We hope you find them useful whenever you need to reset, refresh, & recharge. Click here to sign up.

Muck 2 Mojo

"Muck 2 Mojo" is a brief podcast series that focuses on the trauma around us and how we can retain our "MOJO" while moving through the "MUCK" that comes our way. "Listen Here"

Networks' Healing Circle

"Networks' Healing Circle" is a monthly call-in event focusing on meditation, relaxation, and learning available to all. Join in anonymously by calling in to 515-606-5187 pw 669470 on the 1st Mondays of each month, 8:00 - 8:20 p.m. ET.You can listen to the archive of these calls in two ways:

"Listen on Online University to the most recent calls."

"Listen on Pinecast, or your favorite podcast platform."

A Taste of Wellness

"A Taste of Wellness" is a series of podcast episodes from our Networks Looks At... podcast sharing a brief introductory overview of various wellness modalities you may find useful for yourself and others.

Check out our Taste of Wellness episodes from Networks Looks At... HERE.

Check out all of the Networks Looks At... episodes here.

Networks' Podcasts

Just Pause

Just Pause

"Just Pause" is a series of mini-meditations - most under 3 minutes - providing you a moment, a breath, to "Just Pause". Click here to access the "Just Pause" recordings.

On Being a Service Warrior

On Being a Service Warrior

"On Being a Service Warrior" is a series of interviews with the fire walkers among us - those who have walked through the fire, and moved on to a life of service to others. Click here to access "On Being a Service Warrior".

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